Fujairah reckless driving, three arrested. Image Credit: Fujairah police

Fujairah: Three daredevil drivers who were performing dangerous stunts on Fujairah Road have been arrested, the Fujairah Police said on Wednesday.

The reckless drivers caused damage to public property and to the highways.

Brigadier Hamid Mohammad Hamid Al Yamahi, Director General of the police operations, said they had set up a team to root out the offenders after residents in the area complained of noise caused by young drivers in the Al Beidyah and Al Hala area.

The group of young drivers routinely annoyed residents in the neighbourhood by neglecting police instructions and violating traffic rules. They drove recklessly on roads at different times of the day.

The drivers were referred to the public prosecution for further action, Col Al Yamahi said. Their vehicles have been impounded and the drivers would also be forced to pay for the damages they caused.

Brigadier Colonel Mohammad Rashid Bin Naya Al Tunaiji, Deputy Chief of Fujairah Police, said: “Skilled drivers should go to designated race tracks on and off-road. They should not use the interior roads to show their skills and put the lives of others at risk, even for a few seconds,”

“This behaviour will not be tolerated even for a short time,” he added.

He urged residents to immediately report such incidents to police.

Under the law, endangering the lives, health, security or freedom of others is punishable by a jail sentence.