Dubai: A 58-year-old clerk was granted bail on Monday shortly after he appeared in court where he denied the accusation of groping a woman shopper at Dubai City Centre.

The Egyptian woman shopper was said to be spending a day out at Dubai City Centre with her husband and children in August.

As the woman was pushing the shopping trolley along with her son beside a circus, she felt a hand, according to records, groping her posterior in an indecent manner.

The woman notified her husband, who followed the man whom he believed to have groped his wife and stopped him then called the police.

Prosecutors accused the 58-year-old Egyptian clerk of groping the Egyptian woman.

“I did not grope her ... that didn’t happen. It happened by mistake as the mall was too crowded,” argued the Egyptian suspect in a weepy voice.

“The court will hand out a ruling on November 8 and the suspect will be allowed to go out on bail after he deposits his passport in custody,” said presiding judge Habib Awad in courtroom three.

The 58-year-old suspect was seen crying and thanking God happily, once he heard the court’s decision to grant him bail.

The Egyptian shopper testified to prosecutors that the incident happened while she was at the shopping mall with her family.

“My husband and son were taking photos with the circus performers. I was with my other child pushing the trolley beside the circus when someone touched my posterior. I turned backsides quickly and saw the suspect walking away. He didn’t say a word. I told my husband what happened and he chased him. When he stopped the suspect, the latter said it happened by mistake because of the crowd and walked away. We called the police that came and apprehended the suspect,” she claimed to prosecutors.

A police sergeant testified to prosecutors that the suspect alleged during questioning that he touched the woman by mistake.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the fact that the suspect tried to run away when the woman’s husband stopped him is an evidence that he had a criminal intent.