Owners of parked vehicles often find visiting cards offering massage services on the windshield or tucked into window at Tecom Photo Arshad Ali/Gulf News Image Credit:

Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested seven African women who lured victims to a massage parlour, stripped them naked, threatening to publish their nude pictures before stealing their cash, an official said on Saturday.

Brigadier Ahmad Thani Bin Gulaitha, director of Rafaa police station and head of Police Stations Council in Dubai Police, said the African women were operating in Al Rafaa area and they lured two men to their apartment before assaulting them and stealing their cash.

“We were alerted by two victims on June this year about a gang of African women. They stole Dh60,000 from the first victim and Dh5,000 from the second one,” Brigadier Bin Gulaitha said.

The first incident involved a 24-year-old Uzbek man who was walking in the area and saw a massage card on the ground and called the phone written on the card. A woman sent him a message with list of prices for their massage services and pictures of beautiful women and the address.

“He went to the apartment but he was shocked when he saw five African woman. They dragged him inside the apartment, stripped him naked and took his pictures and stole Dh5,000 from him. They threatened to publish the pictures on social media if he informed the police,” Brigadier Bin Gulaitha said.

The man managed to escape and alerted the police, who raided the apartment but found it empty. The police however found a passport of one of the suspects.

Two days later, an Asian man dropped off his boss at the airport, when he was given Dh60,000 to deposit in the bank. He went to his house and searched for a massage parlour on Facebook. He found a number which was the same one as in the earlier case, and went to the same apartment with the money which he planned to deposit later.

“He was shocked when the African women opened the door. The women in their 40s and 50s with one girl in her 20s, dragged him inside and stole the Dh60,000 and stripped him naked. He reported the incident to us later.”

Dubai police launched an investigation and identified their location and arrested them.

The women were identified by the two victims in a line up and were referred to Dubai public prosecution.

Brigadier Bin Gulaitha urged the public not to go to illegal massage parlours. “People shouldn’t go to suspicious places and be wary of the massage cards distributed in buildings or on cars. We are investigating how to crackdown on this illegal activity,” he said.