A senior law official has rubbished rumours that drugs are being smuggled in baby's bodies.

"No cases of smuggling drugs inside dead babies have been registered at the Dubai Public Prosecution Department," said the official at the department.

"Some residents have received a video on their mobiles showing two people slicing up a baby's body and pulling out drug pouches. We heard the incident took place in a Gulf country. We also learnt the two men shown were believed to be Arabs. However, nothing could be verified on that matter. But what we are sure of is that no such incidents have been reported at the Department."

A number of people claimed to have received the video. Abdullah, an Arab national, said: "I was shocked. I cannot imagine any human capable of smuggling drugs inside a dead baby."

He showed Gulf News a copy of the video. It showed two men extracting more than seven pouches, believed to be drugs, from a baby's body.

A Dubai police official confirmed they had not received any complaints of attempts to smuggle drugs in a baby's body.