Dubai A convict won on Monday a court order permitting him to return home after shortening his life imprisonment over killing a prostitute and throwing her off a seventh-floor flat in 2001.

The 61-year-old Uzbek inmate, who has been serving a life sentence for killing a Russian prostitute and throwing her body from the seventh floor of a building in 2001, lodged a special petition seeking an early release on medical grounds in December.

On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance approved the inmate’s petition and decided that the time he has spent in prison since the murder is enough. According to presiding judge Urfan Omar’s decision, the petitioner will be deported to his home country once the formalities are finalised.

The murder convict had his petition approved on medical grounds.

Records said the accused was convicted of trying to kidnap a Russian woman, asphyxiating her and throwing her body from the balcony of the seventh-floor flat of her friend in Al Muraqqabat area in 2001.

The wheelchair-bound petitioner told the court that he has grown old behind prison bars and developed several diseases such has hypertension and diabetes.

“Two months ago, I remained bedridden in hospital following a stroke that made me a paraplegic. I am seeking to be pardoned of what’s left of my life sentence after having spent nearly 17 years in Dubai Central Jail,” the Uzbek petitioner argued in court.

The petitioner got his special plea approved after he provided the court with the required medical reports that confirm his illnesses and medical situation.

He has been serving life sentence at Dubai Central Jail since his arrest on March 19, 2001, following the premeditated murder of the Russian sex worker.

A Turkmenistan national, who was 24 at the time, was charged with encouraging the murderer to kidnap the victim, and pocketing the Russian’s proceeds from working in prostitution, said records.

A Ukrainian woman was also accused of abetment by allowing the petitioner into her flat where the incident happened at 9.30am.

The petitioner based his petition on Article 1/45 of the Federal Law No. 43 of 1992, concerning regulating punitive and correctional establishments.

Law stipulates that a convict who has completed 15 years out of a life sentence (25 years) is entitled to file a special petition to be released from jail.

The 61-year-old wrote to court saying: “The court earlier dismissed my first petition last year for being involved in a murder case that happened in prison. I was acquitted. I ask you for mercy and consider my medical condition and the fact that I’ve been behind bars for 17 years. I haven’t seen my eight children and grandchildren, with whom I would love to spend some time before I die.”

Records said the petitioner obtained a good behaviour certificate and a recommendation for his release (on grounds of excellent behaviour and repentance for his crime) from the prison’s authorities.