Dubai: A masseuse, who stripped naked and incited an inspector to indulge in sexual activity with her during a random inspection visit at a spa, has been fined Dh3,000.

The Economic Department inspector entered a spa at a hotel in September on a random inspection.

Posing as a client, the inspector paid Dh500 for a Moroccan bath and a massage to an Egyptian woman manager.

The inspector walked in with an Algerian masseuse for a massage first and then moved to the sauna room for the Moroccan bath.

While the masseuse was showering the inspector, she removed her dress and encouraged him to indulge in sexual activity for Dh500.

The inspector immediately stopped her and walked out to the spa’s reception where he presented his ID and informed the Egyptian manager to what he had been reportedly exposed to.

The inspector asked the Egyptian manager to show the spa’s trade licence and papers but she told him that they worked under the management of the hotel.

She insulted the inspector when he asked her to give him back the Dh500.

The inspector then went to the lobby of the hotel to inform the management about what had happened.

Both the Egyptian and Algerian women were taken into custody once the inspector called the police.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Court fined the two women Dh3,000 each, although they pleaded not guilty.

The Egyptian was convicted of cursing and insulting the government employee while the Algerian was convicted of inciting the inspector to commit a sin.


The two defendants appealed their primary judgement before the Appeal Court that has been scheduled to convene on November 1.

The inspector said he had been instructed to make an unannounced inspection of the spa.

"“I walked into the spa at 10pm and paid Dh500 to the Egyptian defendant for a Moroccan bath and massage," the inspector told the court.

"The Algerian masseuse danced and sang before she removed her clothes and removed mine as well and lured me to do something. I refused immediately and left the sauna room. I reported the matter and the Egyptian defendant insulted and cursed me,” he said.

The Algerian masseuse told the police that the inspector was the one who harassed her and touched her private parts in an attempt to lure her to involve in a sexual activity.

“He touched me and removed my shirt. When I stopped him, he offered to pay me Dh500 to strip. I rejected and went out to the Egyptian manager and told her what had happened. I did not touch him and he is the one who harassed and groped me,” she claimed.