For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: A man, handing out massage service cards in Dubai, went on trial after he was accused of offering Dh2,000 bribe to two policemen to release him, a court heard.

The 32-year-old Chinese defendant was caught by a security guard putting massage cards on windshields of parked cars at Discovery Gardens area in Jebel Ali.

According to official records, the security guard alerted Dubai police which sent a police patrol to the area in December 2018.

“The security guard told us that residents were complaining of massage cards being inserted into their car windows. He kept back the defendant and called the police. The defendant was holding a bag with a lot of massage cards,” the 47-year-old policeman said in records.

When the officers took the defendant to the police patrol, he offered them a bribe to let him go.

“He wasn’t speaking good English or Arabic. He typed Dh1,000 on his phone and offered it as bribe to release him and not to take him to police station. We refused and he raised the bribe to Dh2,000.”

A 48-year-old Chinese woman then arrived with the money but police arrested them both and were taken to police station.

The defendant was charged with offering Dh2,000 bribe to the two policemen while the woman was charged with criminal abetting.

A verdict will be issued on March 28.