Dubai: A man has been accused of stealing two mobile phones from another man in Dubai, before stripping him naked so he could not give him a chase.

The 21-year-old Egyptian defendant was accused of theft and threatening the victim with a knife to take off his clothes.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday that in December 2019, Dubai Police received a call about a robbery near a restaurant at Al Muraqabbat area.

A policeman who went to the area saw the victim naked after the defendant had stripped him.

“The victim was only wearing his underwear near the restaurant. He was forced into a side road after the defendant pointed a knife at his waist,” the Emirati policeman said in records.

The defendant stole Dh100, two mobile phones and asked the victim to take off his clothes.

The victim noticed that the defendant was busy trying to unlock the phones and tried to snatch the knife with his bare hands but ended up injuring his owns hands.

The victim gave a description of the accused who was arrested two weeks later.

During police questioning, the defendant admitted attacking the man with a knife and stealing from him.

“The defendant admitted that he saw the victim coming out of a shopping mall and followed him before attacking him,” said the policeman.

The next trial is on February 9.