Dubai: A man went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was accused of stealing Dh20,000 from a Dubai security guard who raised the money from his relatives to pay for the delivery of his sister-in-law’s baby.

According to the records, the 26-year-old Nigerian woman was in need of funds to pay her hospital bill after delivering her baby. Her family and friends managed to come up with the money and sent it to the 23-year-old Nigerian security guard to pay the bill. But the Filipino defendant stole the cash.

The Nigerian guard was at his workplace at Al Refaa area with the cash when the theft happened.

“I had kept the bag on the table and stepped out. It was missing when I returned. I checked the surveillance cameras and saw the defendant stealing my bag and leaving the hospital with the money,” the Nigerian guard said in records.

Dubai police arrested the 31-year-old defendant and recovered the money.

“I was in need of the money to pay the hospital bill. I asked my family and friends to raise the money. My brother-in-law collected the money and was supposed to come and pay the bill when the defendant stole the money,” the Nigerian mother said in records.

The defendant hasw denied the theft charges. The next trial will be on January 15.