Dubai: A man went on trial for assaulting two police officers after a two-hour car chase in Dubai last December, a court heard on Monday.

A Lexus with three men inside was pursued from Al Ghusais to Barsha with police from respective stations involved.

“I saw the vehicle and the driver refused to stop the car and fled at high speed,” said a police officer. “The car stopped on the hard shoulder of the road and three men ran out.

“After 30 minutes we saw them driving a Mercedes but they also escaped,” the officer added.

They parked the vehicle near a villa and one of the passengers escaped while the driver and another passenger stayed in the car.

“The driver and the passenger weren’t in normal condition,” added the officer. “It seemed as if they had taken hallucinogenic substances.”

As officers tried to arrest the men, one of the defendants, a 31-year-old Emirati man hit one of the officers in the abdomen with his elbow and kicked him in the leg while trying to resist arrest.

Police later found drugs inside the Mercedes.

The Emirati defendant was referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance after being charged with assaulting police, but he denied it in court.

His friend, whose identity was not disclosed, was referred to Dubai Traffic Court for reckless driving and escaping police.

The defendant remains in custody and a verdict is expected on June 27.