Dubai: A man has gone on trial for attacking a female jogger and molesting her at a park.

The Bangladeshi man, 31, was charged with sexually abusing the Emirati woman by touching her inappropriately while she was jogging in Al Khawaneej area.

According to official records, on July 27 this year, the 27-year-old Emirati woman was jogging around 9:45pm with her cousin, when the defendant walked up behind her and touched her body.

“I was jogging when he touched my private parts and then fled the place. I yelled and tried to chase him, but he climbed the fence and escaped.

"I walked out and asked other people for help. I saw him later and got hold of him with help of other people,” the victim said in official records.

The jogger’s relative testified that she was in front of the victim by couple of metres when she heard her yelling for help.

“I saw the defendant jumping over the fence so we sought help from others and arrested him. She told me that he touched her improperly,” she added.

The defendant denied the sexual abuse charge. The trial is adjourned to later this month for a verdict, while the defendant will remain in custody.