Dubai: An Iranian salesman has been sentenced to three months in jail for sexually abusing a 10-year-old Emirati girl, a Dubai court heard on Tuesday.

The Emirati student was inside a lift to go to her apartment in Al Ghusais in June of this year when the 35-year-old Iranian blocked the lift’s door with his hand to enter with the victim.

“I told him not to put his hand in the doors next time to avoid the injury and he apologised and touched my shoulder,” said the student.

The defendant then proceeded to touch the victim all the way down to her lower back before the lift opened and got out, went to her apartment, and alerted her brother. Her brother then went outside in search of the man but couldn’t find him.

The incident was reported to Dubai Police who checked the building’s surveillance cameras and identified the man.

“The lift can fit six people but he chose to stand close to me,” said the girl.

Dubai Public Prosecution said that the defendant confessed of sexually abusing the girl inside the lift.

Judges ordered to deport the defendant after serving his jail time.