Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a sentence against a worker who was charged with attempted murder for running over his colleague during a heated row over a dirty cooking pot.

According to records, in February 2019, the 58-year-old Bangladeshi defendant, who works in a livestock farm in Al Lihbab, went to his employer’s kitchen to collect leftover food to feed the sheep, but became furious when he saw the food was left in a dirty cooking pot.

“The defendant asked the victim to transfer the food to a clean pot and it led to an argument with both men yelling and insulting each other,” said a chef who witnessed the argument. “I tried to stop the fight and the defendant went outside,” added the chef.

After few minutes, the victim walked out of the kitchen and headed to the store when the defendant ran over him in his employer’s car.

“I saw the defendant sitting behind the wheel,” said the victim. “He then ran over me and broke both my arms, and then tried to reverse the vehicle to come at me again. He threatened to kill me because he didn’t like the food I made.”

The chef heard the commotion in the store and rushed to the scene where he saw the victim lying on the ground and the defendant trying to reverse the car over the victim. The employer’s family alerted Dubai Police.

The defendant was arrested and during interrogation, confessed to attempting to kill his colleague.

Dubai Court of Appeal sentenced him to six months in jail to be followed by deportation.