Stock Dubai courts and Public Prosecution
Dubai Courts and Public Prosecution. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: A picture of a beautiful Brazilian woman lured a man in Dubai into a trap set up by Nigerian woman who stole his money before assaulting him with others.

The 28-year-old Pakistani man told the Dubai Court of First Instance, that he saw a post on Facebook about a massage parlour in Dubai with a mobile number. After exchanging messages over WhatsApp, the Nigerian woman sent him four pictures of a Brazilian beautiful woman and offered him an affair in a flat at Naif area.

In March this year, the victim opened the flat’s door and saw a group of ten women and three men. “The women searched me and found Dh100 in my pocket. They beat me up and stole the car’s key. One of the men went to my car and stole my wallet,” said the victim in official records.

Passcode stolen

The women took the passcode of his credit cards and withdraw Dh32,679. “They asked me to strip naked and recorded me.”

They allowed him to walk out. He then reported the incident to Dubai Police. The Nigerian woman and her countryman were arrested in Sharjah.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the pair with robbery. The next hearing is scheduled for July 6.