Dubai courts 101
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A thief who stole Dh8,000 from a Dubai villa went on trial at the Dubai Court of FIrst Instance on Wednesday after he was accused of resisting two policemen upon arrest.

Officers at Al Barsha police station received a report about the villa robbery at Jumeirah when the Lebanese owner called to say a masked thief broke into the villa and stole the money in November 2019.

“I received notifications from the security cameras in my villa but I saw the notification on the morning,” said the Lebanese victim.

“I checked the cameras and saw a masked man entering the house at 2:43 am and leaving 16 minutes later. He entered through a window,” he said.

Days after this incident, another burglary was reported to the police, but police identified the thief who was wearing the same clothes during his first robbery.

“The thief was not wearing his mask but he was in the same clothes he had worn in the previous burglary at the Jumeirah villa,” a 23-year-old Emirati policeman said in records.

The defendant was arrested in an apartment in Al Qouz area.

“He tried to escape and I tried to grab him. He stepped on my foot and pushed me to the wall,” said the policeman.

Officers restrained and handcuffed him and found Dh2,350 of the stolen money in his possession.

The defendant was charged with theft, resisting arrest and assaulting officers.

The verdict is expected on March 22.