Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police arrested an Arab national for stealing phone cards and cash from grocery stores in residential neighbourhoods and using an unregistered car, said a senior official on Monday.

The man was used to go the grocery stores and seek change for Dh1,000 and a phone card worth Dh100. As soon as the got those things from the shopkeeper, he used to fled from the scene. He always used an unregistered car to carry out his illegal activities.

Brigadier General Musallam Mohammad Al Amiri, director at the Directorate of External Police, said that a number of complaints were received at Al Rahba police station about a man stealing phone cards and cash from grocery stores, after which the suspect was identified and arrested.

The suspect confessed to his crimes and said that he used a same modus operandi to carry out his activities.

Lt. Col. Mohammad Abdullah Al Hassani, Director at Al Rahba Police Station, said that Abu Dhabi Police follows an integrated strategy to combat crimes. He urged shopkeepers to be more attentive to avert such crimes.