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Dubai: A jobless man has been accused of impersonating a policeman and attempting to kidnap a female supervisor in his car, a court heard on Monday.

The Filipina supervisor was said to be waiting for her friend in the street beside a mosque when a 30-year-old man, from Comoros Island, stopped his car in front of her in January.

The man rolled down the window and asked the Filipina to get in, but she refused to do so, according to records.

The man claimed that he is a policeman and sought to see her driving licence, the supervisor then asked him to show his police ID. The Filipina instantly called the man’s bluff.

The man then tried to drag her into his car, and she resisted and screamed for help before the 30-year-old man freaked out and drove off quickly, records say.

Police arrested the suspect who was identified from his car plate number.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of posing as a policeman and attempting to kidnap the supervisor.

The 30-year-old man pleaded not guilty and dismissed the charges when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

He handed presiding judge Habib Awad a written defence in which he asked to be acquitted.

The Filipina supervisor testified to prosecutors that the incident happened in Al Rashidiya area at 12.30am.

“He pulled over in front of me while I waited for a friend … I refused his demand to sit in the passenger’s seat. Then he pretended to be a policeman and showed me a driver’s licence. I told him that he is not a policeman and that I was not stupid because he had shown me his driver’s licence. When he tried to pull me into his car, I resisted and stepped back quickly. He tried to drag me forcibly, but I resisted and cried for help … when he let go of me, I fell down on the street and injured myself. When I tried to take pictures of his vehicle’s plate number, he prevented me. He absconded quickly,” she told prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on November 5.