Dubai: Two absconding housemaids and their illegitimate babies appeared in court yesterday after the women were duped into out-of-wedlock sex with two men, who dumped them after they became pregnant.

The two Filipina women, 33-year-old S.A. mother of a five-month-old boy, and 31-year-old J.B., mother of a two-year-old boy, appeared at the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on charges of having consensual sex.

Prosecution records said S.A. and J.B. were arrested, along with their illegitimate babies, by law enforcement officers during a random raid against illegal immigrants in the Al Manama and Jumeirah areas.

In the two unrelated cases, the Filipina housemaids likely absconded from their sponsors and met their boyfriends who ditched them after they became pregnant.

In the first case, S.A. was accused of having out-of-wedlock sex with a man she identified as Erin. "I absconded from my Emirati sponsor in Ajman due to the unbearable workload and unfair Dh900 salary. I met Erin in Satwa and we fell in love. We had unprotected sex over a period of one month … as soon as I told him I was pregnant he left me and moved out. He changed his mobile number and I don't know anything about him," S.A. claimed during police questioning.

She claimed that she paid Dh800 to her countrywoman Elma to help her deliver the baby in Satwa.

Presiding Judge Mohammad Ahmad Shoaib adjourned S.A.'s case until February 26

Iin the second case, when J.B. stood before the judge with her two-year-old son, she denied having consensual sex with a stranger who was not identified.

Expired permit

Prosecutors also charged her with working for a different sponsor and failing to pay the fines that resulted from not renewing her work permit. She admitted working for a different sponsor but denied failure to pay her fines.

Prosecution records said J.B. was arrested during a raid against illegal residents in Al Manama.

J.B. is expected to present her defence when the court reconvenes on February 26.