Sharjah: A housemaid tried to end her life by throwing herself out of a moving car belonging to her sponsor, an official at Sharjah Police told Gulf News.

The 47-year-old maid from Sri Lanka, identified as K.R.W., requested the driver of the Emirati family to let her go out and buy shawarma sandwich from a shop near the sponsor’s house. The driver did not let her go alone as their sponsor was outside the country and had told him to take the family and the maid in the car when they wanted to go out during his absence.

The maid became upset. As the driver made the maid go in the car with him to buy shawarma, she threw herself out of the moving car. She suffered fractures and was taken to the hospital.

The maid has been accused of attempting to commit suicide which is against the law in the UAE.

Police investigation continues.