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Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced an Emirati man to six months in jail for assaulting two policemen inside a detention centre.

The Emirati defendant, 32, punched the policemen and ripped their uniforms apart when they tried to take him outside the detention centre for a headcount.

According to official records, the defendant was under custody for driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs. In April 2019, the Emirati policemen was on duty when they summoned the inmates to stand in the detention centre’s yard to count them. The defendant refused to leave his cell.

“Usually on changing shifts, all inmates must go to the yard for the headcount. The defendant refused to step out of the cell despite other inmates going to the yard. The victim known for his hostile attitude and history of drug consumption said he wanted to stay back as his leg was hurting,” said the policeman, 44.

Dubai police brought a wheelchair for the defendant when the latter stood and kicked the officer in his leg. He start punching the other officer who tried to control him.

“He insulted us and ripped our uniforms apart. He resisted arrest and kept assaulting the policemen.”

The officer claimed that the man’s leg was not injured but he didn’t want to go out of the cell.

“We have instructions to count the inmates on changing shifts. If we allowed him to stay in the cell then it will be hard to count the inmates,” the policeman added.

The defendant was charged with assaulting two policemen, insulting them and damaging police uniform.

However, the court has ordered that the verdict be suspended.

The verdict will be subject for appeal within 15 days.