Runs out of luck: Devinder Singh alias “Bunty chor” began his journey of crime in 1993 and attained notoriety with his many exploits. He even appeared on reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ in 2010 Image Credit: PTI

Dubai India’s most wanted thief, Devinder Singh, popularly known as ‘Bunty Chor’, was nabbed after he broke into a Dubai businessman’s house in Kerala.

The notorious thief from Delhi who has been involved in over 500 burglaries and has even inspired a Bollywood film Oye Lucky Oye, is currently cooling his heels in the state’s central prison.

With the super-thief’s arrest, Venugopalan Nair, 56, has also shot to fame as the Dubai resident’s high-security five-bedroom house in the state capital Trivandrum has become the talk of the town.

“People are flocking to my ‘high-tech’ house, as they call it, after reading about the extensive security apparatus that helped to nab the notorious thief. Advertising agencies want to feature me in product ads. Movie script writers and directors have already approached me. An American electronic company has asked me to be their brand ambassador,” Nair told XPRESS over the phone from Kerala.

Nair had installed a remote controlled gate, four CCTV cameras and movement detectors inside all rooms. But Singh, 41, struck Nair’s house on January 20 and stole goods worth Dh45,000 including a Mitsubishi Outlander car, a laptop and mobile phones.

“He jumped over the compound wall at midnight as the gate was locked. He pried open the window by sawing off the grooves of the metal frame. Once he entered the house, he ransacked the cupboards in the living room and got hold of the car keys,” said Nair,

“He was so cool and composed and there was no trace of tension on his face,” he added.

He and his family were fast asleep and did not even get a whiff when the thief struck. The motion detection system that would have sounded an alarm was switched off as the family members were at home.

Bunty drove away in the SUV after opening the electronic gate using the remote control which he found in the same tray where the car keys were kept.

But CCTV cameras caught ‘Bunty Chor’ in action, and footage released by Kerala Police on TV led to his arrest at a lodge in Pune last Sunday. He was brought to Kerala and was remanded to judicial custody till February 12.

Police said that when they entered Bunty’s room he was watching his latest exploits being being aired on TV.

Singh began his journey of crime way back in 1993 as a teenager. After several arrests and hundreds of burglaries all over North India, Singh became a celebrity thief after he appeared on reality show ‘Bigg Boss Season 4’ in 2010. He has been on the run after his recent arrest by the Bhopal police and subsequent release on bail.