Dubai: A disgruntled husband has initiated divorce proceedings against his wife, who weighs 115 kilogrammes, claiming that her being overweight has affected their sex life.

The man claimed in his lawsuit that his wife suffered numerous illnesses since she became overweight and he could not have sex with her due to her bad health.

Meanwhile, Dubai court sources told Gulf News that the woman initiated the divorce lawsuit. She approached the Dubai Courts Department early this month seeking a divorce. The wife alleged in her lawsuit that the man ignored her and failed to fulfil his matrimonial responsibilities.

The surprised husband  lodged a counter-lawsuit and sought a divorce after attempts to reach an amicable settlement failed.  The man refuted the woman’s claims that he is a bad husband and irresponsible and constantly ignored her.

Blame game

His lawsuit says, “She sleeps longer hours, wakes up at midday and spends most of her time watching television shows and series. She neglected our child and me ... she became moody and inconsiderate and prevented me from taking her to bed.” The husband also claimed that the wife forced him to make an appointment whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

“She is the one who left home without prior notice early last year. When she walked out she cursed me and especially my mother. She took all her belongings and never returned,” the husband mentioned in his lawsuit.

A ruling is expected soon.