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Fraudsters use a variety of tactics to lure unsuspecting victims over the phone, say Ajman Police Image Credit:

Ajman: Authorities in the UAE have warned community members to always be on the guard against phone fraud and never share any sensitive information such as their bank account details with unidentified callers.

Ajman Police said there has been a rise in fake online deals where scammers ask people to share their bank account or one-time passwords (OTP). Scammers pose as company officials and tell users to generate an OTP to claim cash prizes or update their bank details. Police have urged individuals to always check their accounts, keep an eye on withdrawals and to immediately report any suspicious transactions.

Fraudsters use a variety of tactics to lure unsuspecting victims over the phone, have them share personal details and dupe them for their money, the police said.

Ajman Police have warned members of the community to be cautious before making any online purchase and before entering their debit or credit card account details online. Ajman Police said: “Be careful and don’t lose your money by ordering anything from a fake website.”

Ajman Police have also urged bank account holders not to respond to any call received from any person claiming that he or she is a bank employee and not to provide any information about bank account or any other personal detail so that they are not subject to any exploitation.

Safety tips:

Do not respond to suspicious messages sent on email or phone.

Do not respond to any link sent to phone or email without verifying its authenticity.

Do not share bank account number or any other sensitive information with anyone.