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Two Asian men were caught trying to smuggle out 1.6 Kg gold worth Dh312,000 packed inside perfume bottles. Image Credit: Courtesy: Sharjah Police

Sharjah: Two Asian men were arrested at Sharjah International Airport for attempting to smuggle 1.6kg gold worth Dh312,000 concealed in perfume bottles.

Brigadier Younis Al Hajri, Director of Ports and Airports Police Department at the Sharjah Police, said the suspects were nabbed by customs officers on their way out of the country. The accused were heading to their home country.

The arrest was made for failing to declare the consignment of gold to the airport authorities. Inspectors at the baggage checkpoint suspected them while they were trying to pass new perfume bottles placed in a box that showed that they are materials and perfume oils. The smugglers used 42 bottle of perfumes. After emptying the bottles of perfume, they replaced it with gold powder, and mixing it with other chemicals, to deceive the customs officials. But when the inspectors checked the packages, they discovered the gold hidden inside the bottles. The police alleged that the suspects tried to cheat the airport authorities by concealing the gold powder.

Investigation and further arrests

Investigations revealed that two other groups were behind this crime. They were planning to smuggle the gold out of the country. An elaborate ambush was prepared to arrest the two suspects. During their interrogation, they confessed to have bought the gold powder, which was then mixed with other materials to appear as an aromatic liquid in perfume bottles. They had handed these bottles to the first and second defendants, on the promise of financial returns if the smuggling was completed. The suspects have referred to public prosecution for further action.

Brigadier Al Hajri lauded the vigilance of the security personnel at the Sharjah Airport Police, pointing out that this reflects the advanced training skills that airport police officers receive about how to confront outlaws and overcoming the challenges and deceptive methods used by smugglers.

Recently, Sharjah Police foiled a number of gold smuggling cases where people used new and innovative methods for smuggling gold from the UAE into their country in order to escape taxes.

Sharjah Police warned residents and visitors not to take part in such illegal activities which contravene the government laws of their countries. Sharjah Police also urged all community members to cooperate with the security agencies and report any suspicious acts or crimes on 999 or 06 5632222 or the toll-free number Najeedt 800 151 or via SMS on 7999.