Dubai courts 101
The main facade of Dubai Courts building. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced a woman to three years in jail on Sunday for luring a massage seeker to a fake centre before holding him for two hours and stealing Dh54,000 from his bank account.

In January this year, the 37-year-old Kuwaiti victim arrived in Dubai from the US, planning to leave the next morning. He claimed that he was checking the internet when he saw a massage centre page and contacted them for Dh1,500 for a massage session.

The gang sent him the location of an apartment in the Jebel Ali area. Once he entered, a 26-year-old Nigerian woman closed the door, asking him to enter a massage room. “I told the woman that it doesn’t look like a massage centre. She insisted that I go inside the room but I refused. They asked me to pay the amount of massage to let me leave the apartment,” said the Kuwaiti visitor in official records.


A second woman appeared in the apartment and an African person spoke with him over the phone asking him to pay the money. “I told them that I have Dh500 only. Both attacked me and slapped me in the face. They asked me to hand over my credit card or they will beat me with others.”

A scuffle followed, in which the woman bit the victim on his right cheek and left shoulder. The gang then snatched his wallet and forced him to reveal the passcode. After an hour, they asked him to leave the apartment after stealing his money.

He called Dubai Police and returned to the apartment to see the defendant still inside. “I punched her and then the police came,” he added.

Dubai Police arrested the defendant, who claimed the victim came looking for her roommate at 2AM and then fought with her. The court found the woman guilty of kidnapping and illegally obtaining the victim’s money. She was fined Dh45,314.

The visitor was charged with assaulting the defendant. The court has ordered his transfer to the Misdemeanour Court for a verdict.