Dubai: A driver has been accused of kissing and groping a woman restaurant manager after her beauty enchanted him when he saw her walking in the street after midnight.

The 31-year-old Filipina was said to have been heading home after closing the restaurant that she manages when the 28-year-old Pakistani driver spotted the manager and followed her in Al Jafiliya.

The driver was believed to have asked the Filipina for her mobile number but she disregarded him and continued walking towards her residence in May.

Once she reached the passageway that leads to her doorstep and was about to open the door, according to records, the driver came from behind and kissed her neck and cheeks.

Taken aback by the unexpected move, she tried to push him away but he groped her before running away.

Enraged, the Filipina shouted at the driver and chased him and other pedestrians, who had heard her cries for help, stopped him from absconding and kept him restrained.

Police arrived and apprehended the 28-year-old man.

When questioned at the crime scene, the Pakistani said he was smitten by the woman’s beauty before he decided to get her contact details and kiss her.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of kissing the woman against her will and molesting her.

When he showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday, the suspect pleaded refuted the allegations.

When asked what he wanted from the court, the suspect said: “Mercy and forgiveness.”

The woman manager claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened after she had finished work at 1.35am.

“Once he asked me for my mobile number and said he wanted to know me, I neglected him and continued walking home. I did not notice that he had followed me until I reached my doorstep … he took me by surprise and kissed me on my cheek and neck. He also groped me. I shouted at him loudly and pushed him away before he absconded. A number of pedestrians who happened to be around heard me and stopped him from fleeing. Police came and arrested him,” she testified to prosecutors.

A police lieutenant told prosecutors: “Upon questioning him on-site, the suspect claimed that he was enchanted by the woman’s beauty when he saw her walking. He admitted that he asked her for her number but when she refused, he followed her and then kissed and molested her.”

A ruling will be heard on July 30.