Dubai Court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A Dubai worker, who had a heated argument with his company officials after his passport had been withheld, has been accused of biting a policeman and physically assaulting two others as they tried to put him in a police patrol vehicle.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday that the 22-year-old Cameroonian defendant went to his employer’s office in Al Rafa in January 2020 to collect his passport. When the company refused to hand it over to him, he tried to assault the company’s employees.

“The command room received a call from the office and I went there with the other policemen. The defendant was angry because they didn’t hand over his passport to him. I asked him to come with us to the police station but he refused,” a 29-year-old Emirati policeman said in records.

The three policemen tried to restrain him when he bit the fingers of the policeman and physically assaulted the others.

“He locked and punched us. He bit me in the finger but we managed to restrain him. An ambulance was also called,” the policeman said.

The defendant was charged with physically assaulting three policemen.

The next trial is on March 30.