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Dubai: A gang of four men were sentenced to six months in prison by the Dubai Court of First Instance for accepting bribes to pass cars in their annual registration renewal test.

A 36-year-old Filipino inspector and his 27-year-old Pakistani assistant allegedly received Dh750 to pass four cars at the test centre in Al Warsan Petrol Station in Dubai.

Last October, police were tipped-off about a Pakistani man dealing with the two defendants, who were said to be passing cars that had failed the test in exchange for money.

A police officer said that a 63-year-old Pakistani and 22-year-old Indian defendant were offering bribes to the inspectors to pass failed cars and forge certificates to renew car registration.

The four men will be deported after serving their jail time with each being fined Dh155,000.

An undercover police officer called the 63-year-old Pakistani defendant and claimed he had a car that had failed its test and he wanted to get it renewed.

“He asked for Dh250 to pass the car besides a Dh170 fee,” said the undercover officer.

“We set up a trap, met the Pakistani defendant and gave him the money. The Indian defendant came and took the car and both went to the test station at the petrol station. The Filipino defendant passed the car in the test, despite the car having problems,” the officer added.

When the undercover policeman collected the pass certificate, Dubai Police arrested the defendants.

The Filipino defendant confessed to officers that he had an agreement with the defendants to pass the cars.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the defendants passed four cars before they were arrested. They were collecting Dh250 for each car and divided the money between them.

The Filipino inspector and his Pakistani assistant were charged with accepting Dh750 in bribes to pass the cars.

Meanwhile, the Filipino defendant was additionally charged with forging electronic documents.

The Pakistani defendant and the Indian defendant were charged with offering bribes and criminal abetting.