Dubai: A woman tourist was jailed for six months for cursing and assaulting a policeman and threatening to slit a lieutenant’s neck inside a police station.

A police patrol was dispatched to a building in Dubai Media Production Zone after a woman was reportedly behaving rowdily and noisily in the street in September 2018.

When the police patrol arrived, the policeman went towards the 32-year-old Tajik tourist who was drunk.

The building’s watchman told the policeman that the 32-year-old defendant assaulted him because he didn’t allowher from entering the building as she wasn’t a tenant.

When the policeman tried to calm her down, the defendant got rowdier even as she was told that she could not enter the building to drink more alcohol.

The Tajik tourist cursed the policeman and assaulted him then she insulted a policewoman who tried to handcuff her. When she was taken to the police station she threatened to slit the neck of a lieutenant.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of assaulting and cursing a policeman and threatening a lieutenant. She was also accused of kicking and cursing the policewoman.

According to the primary judgement, the Tajik will be tried before the Misdemeanours Court for drinking alcohol.

She will be deported after serving her sentence.

The police lieutenant said: “We were reported that the Tajik woman was drunk and behaving rowdily near the building. When she resisted arrest and behaved troublesomely with the policeman, I asked them to bring her into custody. When a policewoman went to the scene to handcuff her, she insulted and kicked her. She behaved hysterically at the station. We gave her water to drink and calm down but she drank some and spit them on me. Then she threatened to slit my neck.”

The policewoman said Tajik kicked her and called her bad names when she tried to handcuff her.