The seller was inexperienced in dealing with customers and had stepped in for his father who was travelling abroad. Image used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News archives

Dubai: A man has been sentenced by a Dubai court to one month in prison and ordered to pay Dh23,9000 - the value of the jewellery he defrauded from a seller.

The perpetrator, a person of Asian nationality, defrauded a 22-year-old jewellerry seller, who is from an Arab country, and managed to take jewellery worth Dh23,900. The authorities arrested him and refer him to the Public Prosecution in Dubai, and from there to the Misdemeanour Court, which served the sentenced.

‘Card not working’

The seller works in a jewellery and gold shop owned by his father, who recently travelled abroad, leaving his son in charge of the shop.

A customer arrived who showed knowledge of jewellery, its types, shapes, quality and how to split the price. The customer chose a 21 carat gold jewellery worth Dh23,900 and used his credit card, but the card was not working.

‘Wait for the transfer’

The customer proposed transferring the amount from his bank account to the shop’s bank account, but told the seller he would have to wait till the amount would be transferred in his account. The customer showed the seller his phone’s screen to indicate that the transfer transaction had been completed successfully but he must wait to receive the money as it normally takes some time in case the two banks are different between the parties - the transferor and the transferee.

The customer left with the gold jewellery. The seller waited for a message confirming the transfer into this account, but the message never came. Realising he had been defrauded, he informed the security authorities about the fraud. The accused was traced and arrested, and sentenced after all investigations and legal procedures.

Officials said the seller must not hand over the jewellery to any customer until the amount is entered into the account or a cash payment is made. In case a seller is defrauded, he or she must quickly inform the security authorities.