Dubai: A worker has been accused of getting drunk and taking his female flatmate by surprise and hugging her waist when she was in the kitchen cooking at 6am.

The Filipina woman was present inside the kitchen cooking early in the morning before heading to work when the Indian worker, with whom she shared the residence, walked in.

The Indian worker came from behind the woman and hugged her waist as she was standing in front of the sink, according to records. The Filipina scolded him and rushed to her room.

The woman informed her husband about the worker’s attitude and he called the police who then apprehended the Indian.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of molesting the Filipina and consuming beer.

The suspect pleaded guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The Filipina claimed to prosecutors that the suspect was drinking alcohol when he walked in to the kitchen and hugged her.

A ruling will be heard on January 20.