Dubai: A British man went on trial for allegedly insulting and assaulting a policeman who tried to solve a dispute between him and a taxi driver, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Monday.

The 42-year-old British defendant was under the influence of alcohol and refused to step out the taxi or pay the Dh24.5 fee to the taxi driver when the policeman tried to solve the dispute in July.

“I was patrolling at Al Muraqabbat area when I saw the taxi driver asking for help. He told us that a passenger refused to step outside and didn’t pay him the fees. I spoke with the defendant and he was under the influence of alcohol,” said the 25-year-old policeman in records.

The defendant laughed at the policemen when they asked him about his name and address and then they took him to the police station.

“He kept insulting us and refused to cooperate. He held my neck with both his hands and I was injured. He tore my police uniform in the attack,” he added.

The trial will resume on September 19.