Dubai: Traffic prosecutors are seeking to stiffen a two-month imprisonment against a salesman, who was drunk when he mowed down a pedestrian and killed him in November.

The Dubai Misdemeanours Traffic Court jailed the 31-year-old Brazilian man, B.T., for two months and suspended his licence for six months.

The court convicted B.T. of committing the hit-and-run accident when he mowed down the 29-year-old British pedestrian, G.M., and killed him while the latter was crossing Al Sufouh Street towards the Dubai Marina Bridge.

Records said the defendant fled the accident scene and went to his workplace, where he picked up his passport and then headed immediately to Dubai International Airport. He was arrested at the airport’s Dubai Duty Free before he boarded a Beirut-bound plane at 4.20am on November 24.

The court decided that the Briton had a shared responsibility in his own death and ordered B.T. to pay Dh150,000, his share of the blood money [Dh200,000] to the Briton’s family.

Gulf News has learnt that traffic prosecutors appealed the primary judgement and are seeking a tougher punishment against the Brazilian.

In the appeal petition, prosecutors have asked the Appeal Court to stiffen the two-month imprisonment to a minimum one year in jail, according to article 342 of the Penal Code.

Prosecutors have asked for toughening the punishment considering the aggravating factors that B.T. was drunk and killed G.M..

The accused will enter a plea before the appellate court when he stands trial on March 6.

When questioned by traffic prosecutors, B.T. admitted he had been driving under the influence of liquor when he knocked down the pedestrian in Al Sufouh.

A Lebanese eyewitness claimed the defendant did not apply his brakes when he ran over the Briton and continued driving without stopping.

Records said the Lebanese provided the police with the car description and plate number. The defendant was arrested at the airport shortly after police identified him.

Traffic prosecutors charged the Brazilian with drinking, drink driving, causing the death of a pedestrian and absconding from an accident site. He entered a guilty plea.

The Briton crossed the road from an undesignated spot and had reached the second lane when the car knocked him down.