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Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: It was bad enough that the registration of the car running on Dubai roads had expired. When Dubai Police stopped the vehicle and asked the driver for his licence, it turned out that he was impersonating a police officer, using his identity card and driving licence, besides carrying alcohol in the vehicle.

The accused, who was immediately arrested, was referred to the Public Prosecution and the Criminal Court, where trials have begun.

The traffic policeman who managed to catch the culprit said he was on duty in Al Barsha area when he spotted the car and discovered through the smart system that its licence had expired, so he stopped the driver to impound the vehicle.

When questioned about his driving licence and the ownership of the vehicle, the driver said the car belonged to a friend.

The policeman addressed the accused by the name registered in the driver’s licence and the accused promptly responded. But the policeman got the better of him when he questioned him about what was inside the car. After he admitted to carrying to alcohol, the man was taken to the police station.

He claimed that he had obtained a police officer’s driver licence by mistake. The rightful owner of the licence had in fact reported a lost wallet four years ago, following which he had obtained a new driver’s licence.