A mobile phone user. Image Credit: File photo

Dubai: The chairman of Damac properties has issued a statement to warn residents from becoming a victim of a new scam.

On his Twitter account, the Dubai-based businessman Hussain Sajwani cautioned residents over fraudulent claims made in his name, as well as that of Damac Properties.

“It has come to my notice that unauthorised individuals or organisations are falsely using my name and my foundation’s name in an attempt to fraudulently secure unlawful gain,” he said.

Sajwani also urged residents who may come across such fake requests to immediately notify the police.

“Do report any emails, attempts or online presence directly to or call 901 from within the UAE,” he said.

Police in the UAE have been periodically carrying out awareness campaigns to alert residents on scams circulating across social networking sites, and cautioned people on how to avoid being duped.

Previously, Sharjah Police issued an alert to warn residents against clicking on suspicious links that contained fraudulent messages.

In the fake SMS and WhatsApp messages, residents were sent notices from banks requesting them to update their personal information in order to avoid any disruption with bank services.

Residents were then asked to click on an attachment and open a website, but by doing so, people would inadvertently give the conmen direct access to their bank account. The fraudsters would then withdraw cash from the victim’s bank account.