Dubai: A cyclist was handed one month in jail for punching a policeman, who tried to stop him from cycling on the jogger’s track at the Kite Beach in Jumeirah.

The 27-year-old Iranian cyclist, A.A., repeatedly punched the policeman and injured him when the latter tried to stop him from riding his bicycle on the wrong track in April.

The Dubai Appeal Court confirmed the primary ruling [one month in jail] against A.A. who had lodged an appeal in which he sought to prove his innocence.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant attacked the policeman who was trying to do his job.

When the defendant appeared in court, he pleaded not guilty and contended that he did not assault the victim.

When asked about the policeman’s injuries, the accused contended in court that he was cycling and accidentally ran into the policeman when he tried to stop him on the track.

An Egyptian witness, who happened to be present at Kite Beach on a Friday, testified that he spotted the defendant punching another man [who turned out to be the victim] and overheard him cursing him.

Meanwhile the assaulted policeman claimed that the venue’s security guard informed him over the phone that the cyclist was driving recklessly and risking joggers’ safety on the walkers’ track.

“The guard notified me that the defendant had been speeding on the undesignated track … I headed there instantly. When I reached the track, I spotted him driving in my direction … I took out my police badge and showed it to him and asked him to stop. He did not stop and ran into me. He fell on the ground … then he stood up and assaulted me. I did not react and then he tried to ride away but I prevented him … so he ran away on foot. I chased him to the parking lot and apprehended him. Then I called for an ambulance and handed him over to a police that arrived at the location,” said the policeman.

The defendant said that when he saw a man [the policeman] on the track, he tried to avoid him but that person pushed him off his bicycle.

“I got injured from the push, and when he tried to lift me up I pushed him away. I called the ambulance from my phone. When the police arrived at the scene, he claimed to them that I had assaulted him. The victim did not present any police ID or introduce himself as one. I also did not punch him,” he claimed.

The appellate ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 15 days.