Ajman: The Federal Supreme Court upheld the stoning death sentence against a Pakistani man who was found guilty of having unlawful relations with his four stepdaughters, Gulf News has learnt.

The Federal Sharia Court of First Instance in Ajman earlier sentenced the man, identified only as Abdul Aziz - in his fifties - to stoning to death after being found guilty of having sexual relationships with his stepdaughters. The appeal court upheld the judgement.

A police officer told Gulf News this is the first time ever that somebody has been sentenced to death by stoning.

The four girls were sentenced to 80 lashes each. Those sentences have already been carried out.

They were charged with 'allowing' their stepfather to have sex with them. The girls reportedly gave birth to 11 children by the man.

One of the girls was eight months pregnant when they were arrested in 2005, according to police.

The women now aged between 21 and 26 told the judge their stepfather used to threaten them with a knife, forcing them to surrender to him.


Their Indian mother was earlier married to an Emirati, but after his death 12 years ago, married the Pakistani resident.

The stepfather admitted his guilt at all stages of the court process. He told the court he is the father of some of the children but that some others "were not his children."

The mother was accused of aiding and abetting the stepfather and forging the birth certificates of her daughters' children. She is yet to be sentenced.

The family used to live in Al Ain but they had moved to Ajman where they were arrested. According to a police officer, the family was arrested in Ajman when the younger daughter aged 15 was planning to marry an Emirati, but her stepfather refused.

With the help of her fiance, she reported the case to police accusing her stepfather of incest and fathering children with her sisters, and that he also wanted to have sex with her.

DNA tests by Dubai Police forensic lab proved that the father of the children of his daughters is Abdul Aziz.

The girls told police that some of their children were born in India and some in the UAE.

The police officer said that when the girls were arrested, they looked sad and unhappy "They had no friends or relatives to turn to," he said.