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A prison cell. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A Pakistani cleaner was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation for sexually abusing a 11-year-old boy, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Tuesday.

A policeman at Al Rafa police station testified that the boy’s mother alerted police to an incident of sexual abuse of her son by a man on a bicycle.

“We checked CCTV cameras in the area and saw the defendant approaching the victim and then hugging him,” said the officer. “The boy pushed him away and escaped. We later apprehended the defendant who confessed touching the boy inappropriately.”

The Indian student was playing in a narrow lane near his building in the Al Rafa area when the defendant approached him on his bicycle.

“He started asking me my name, which school I went to and about my parents. He asked me about our home and if it was empty. He asked me if he could come with me to my home and I refused,” the boy said in court records.

The defendant touched the boy who pushed him away and escaped to his building where he alerted his mother, after bursting into tears.

His mother calmed him down and took him outside where he pointed to the defendant talking to the watchman.

“I asked the man why he abused my boy and he denied it. I called Dubai Police and he escaped,” the 39-year-old Indian mother testified.