Dubai: A businesswoman and a man have been accused of beating up a visitor who had rented a bed space at their flat, and stealing his two iPhones, a court heard on Wednesday.

The Saudi visitor was said to have a rented a bed space for Dh1,000 per month from the Egyptian businesswoman, at her flat located in Hor Al Anz in November.

One day, the visitor went out and when he returned to the flat, the Egyptian woman kicked him out of the flat for being “troublesome”.

The Saudi man then went to a former residence he had stayed in and asked his former Egyptian flatmate’s assistance to resolve the dispute with the businesswoman, over not returning his security deposit.

When the Saudi visitor entered the flat, the businesswoman and another man, a 40-year-old Egyptian locked the door from inside, beat him up and took away his iPhones. They then kicked him out and challenged him to report the matter to the police.

The Egyptian couple were apprehended by the police.

Prosecutors charged the duo with beating the Saudi visitor and stealing his mobile phones. The suspects pleaded not guilty when they showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“No … that didn’t happen,” the female suspect, 36, told presiding judge Arafa Mohammad.

Both suspects, who are on bail, asked the court to be adjourned until they could photocopy the case file and hire lawyers when it reconvenes on January 13.

The visitor claimed to prosecutors: “When I discovered that the woman suspect had kicked me out, I asked her to repay my security deposit. She refused and maintained that she will keep it as a compensation against damages that she alleged I caused during my stay. I went back to the previous residence where I had been staying and asked a former flatmate to help me out resolve the dispute, considering that he is Egyptian as well. I walked into the flat with him and the suspects closed the door behind us and then assaulted me. The man twisted my arm backwards and took out my mobiles from my pocket. Then they threw me out of the flat.”

The Egyptian flatmate confirmed the Saudi man’s statement and added that he heard the suspects challenging the visitor to call the police.