Dubai: Two Emirati brothers allegedly supplied drugs to an Emirati woman who died of an overdose, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.

The Emirati woman was found dead in her hotel room by hotel staff in November of last year after she had overdosed on Tramadol. Different types of tablets were found next to her body, according to police.

The brothers, aged 21 and 24, were additionally charged with using and possessing drugs.

“When I arrived a team of forensic experts was already at the crime scene examining the woman’s body,” said an Emirati police officer.

The officer said they found a number of tablets next to her bed and when he went downstairs he saw the two brothers being questioned by other officers from Bur Dubai police station at the reception.

A lawyer defending the two brothers said that the evidence had been manipulated to convict his clients.

“When the woman was found dead in a hotel room, her belongings which included reports of her medical condition, had disappeared,” said defence lawyer Saeed Al Gelani, who claimed: “Someone is manipulating evidence to hide the real criminal.

“Both brothers have PHD degrees and it just doesn’t make sense that they would throw their future away to supply drugs.”

He added that the woman’s post mortem report proved she had taken crystal methamphetamine, a substance that was not found in his clients blood which proves that she either took it before she met them or someone else visited her hotel room and gave it to her.

“It was suspicious as surveillance cameras at the hotel had been shut down in the woman’s room from 7pm. I think that another person is involved in the case. Is the hotel trying to hide who visited her at that time, because it was not my clients?” he added.

Both men denied the charges and a verdict is expected on March 24.