Muscat: Brake failure in a truck caused the tragic road accident that claimed the life of a 49-year-old Emirati on Thursday morning, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said on Sunday. “The driver of a heavy truck lost control of his truck due to the brake failure, and while trying to avoid it the truck that was behind it overturned and crushed the victim in 4x4 vehicle,” an official at the ROP told Gulf News.

The official added that the driver lost control of his truck and hit the truck from behind, which led the truck to flip over onto the victim’s vehicle. The incident took place in Al Rawdah area of Mahadah province on Thursday morning. The victim was killed instantly on the spot.

The victim was identified as Obaid Al Kaabi, a resident of Ajman. He was heading to Oman to spend the weekend holiday, according to the official.

At least 10 Emiratis were killed in separate road accidents in Oman in 2016, compared with 12 in 2015, according to the ROP. Ten Emiratis were killed in 2014 in road accidents in Oman. In 2013, six Emiratis were killed in a road accident in Salalah province.