2 minor girls gang raped, 4 molested in Jharkhand
Representational image. Image Credit: IANS

Dubai: A gang of six Bangladeshis were sentenced to ten years in prison for forcing a teen into prostitution.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the gang of five men and one woman had lured the 16-year-old Bangladeshi girl to come to the UAE and tried to make her work in a brothel in Al Karama area of Dubai. When she refused, the girl was raped.

Dubai Police were tipped-off about a teen being forced into prostitution and the force came to her rescue. According to records, the 36-year-old Bangladeshi woman had offered the orphaned girl a maid’s job in Dubai while two of the other defendants fudged the girl’s passport to make her look older.


The girl was taken to an apartment by two defendants where she was told that she had to work as a prostitute. “I refused, but the woman beat me and I was raped by one of the defendants,” said the teen on record.

The teen was then taken to a different apartment where she was kept in confinement for two weeks, during which period, two other defendants raped her. “They forced me to have sex with strangers until the flat was raided by the police,” the victim said.

Dubai Police arrested the defendants who were charged with human trafficking, rape, running a brothel and facilitating prostitution.

The judges have ordered to deport the defendants after serving their jail terms. The verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days.