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Dubai: The UAE Cyber Security Council (CSC) issued a warning against the spread of suspicious messages through the WhatsApp application, text messages, and social media platforms.

These messages urge users to join groups or request clicks on unknown links. Users are advised to exercise extreme caution, refrain from clicking on any unfamiliar links, and verify the authenticity of messages with the senders before taking any action.


End-users are advised to beware of these messages that invite people to join clandestine gatherings or entice users with nefarious links.

Scam techniques
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The council said users should demand proof from the sender to verify authenticity.

Scam techniques

Scammers could approach users in various ways, the authority added. 

- Hackers could have gained access to a contact's phone

- Receiving an unknown message or clicking on a link to join unknown groups

- Hiding malicious links within messages