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Abu Dhabi:

An American labour supervisor was acquitted of making discriminatory remarks against a fellow American’s colour, an Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance heard.

The 45-year-old was accused of making the discriminatory remark to his fellow American telling him he was in the job because of his colour, not his skills or potential. He was also charged with consuming alcohol.

The incident occurred in April 2018, but the report was lodged with the police in August. The 42-year-old claimant who works as a fighter jet engineer said he received the insulting messages via WhatsApp while he was at his home at Al Reem Island. “It was an insulting and racist remark. Why, because I’m black!” he said.

He said the message’s content also suggested a threat because a part of it said he had to pack up because he would be sent home soon.

“The case was dismissed as the claimant waited more than three months to report the incident, therefore there was no legal ground for it,” said legal consultant Hassan Elhais from Al Rowaad Advocates who was representing the supervisor.

As for the alcohol consumption charge, it was out of jurisdiction, he added.