Dubai: An accountant has been accused of committing electronic fraud and embezzling Dh4 million from the UAE’s Finance Ministry after forging 453 e-dirham transactions.

The 30-year-old Sudanese man was said to have been working as an accountant for an outsourced company that deals with the Labour Ministry and provides VIP services to businessmen.

The accountant was granted access to the Ministry of Labour’s e-system to recharge e-dirham cards that are provided to clients to carry out their labour transactions.

The outsourcing company were contacted by the bank, according to records, and asked to settle a Dh4 million deficit before it was revealed that the Sudanese had been disconnecting a device from the internet while recharging e-dirham cards and embezzling the money.

Prosecutors accused the 30-year-old of abusing his duty [as a public servant], committing electronic fraud and embezzling around Dh4 million using forged transactions.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the suspect forged 453 electronic transactions while recharging e-dirham cards of the Labour Ministry’s clients and embezzling the paid amounts between January and November 2015.

Prosecutors said the suspect worked for the outsourcing company that had an account with a local bank.

Records said the accountant abused the authority granted to him to access the e-system of renewing the e-dirham and used to recharge the credit on one device and then forge the transaction and cancel the recharging operation from another device to embezzle the client’s money.

Prosecutors said the suspect abused the fact that the clients were unaware that he had cancelled their operations from another device and embezzled the money.

The suspect did not show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to enter his plea on Sunday.

Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal adjourned the case until the suspect is brought from his detention on March 21.