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Dubai: A 70-year-old woman was tortured to death by her son and his wife after many months of abuse, Dubai Police said on Wednesday.

The couple tried to mislead officials claiming she died in the hospital because she suffered from chronic diseases and stopped breathing due to equipment failure. However, forensic experts from Dubai Police proved the death was due to torture.

False story

Dr Major Rawda Al Shamsi, Head of the Criminal Examinations Department of the Forensic Medicine Department at the General Department of Criminal Evidence in Dubai Police, said the body of the victim was received from a hospital in Dubai for autopsy, to issue a cause-of-death report. Initial information indicated that the elderly woman was transferred several days before her death from her home to the hospital, and she was suffering from unconsciousness and inability to breathe. The doctors tried to save her by placing her on respirators, but she passed away. Her son and his wife claimed she suffered from chronic diseases as a result of her advanced age.

Signs of burning

Maj Al Shamsi said the necessary steps were taken and the body was examined. It was noted that there were signs of burning, torture and bruises on the body, and indications of health problems due to starvation or severe malnutrition. Experts determined that the death occurred as a result of the torture, which had disrupted her body’s functions.

Maj Al Shamsi added that the investigations conducted by the General Department of Criminal Investigation about the defendants revealed all the evidence contained in the report, and the couple admitted they had brutally tortured the mother to get rid of her.

Bringing criminals to justice

Maj Al Shamsi said all deaths received by the administration are examined regardless of the cause of death that is mentioned by the family or friends of the deceased. Many cases have been received as natural deaths but were subsequently found to involve criminal suspicion, he added. In the event that the cause of death is not clear, a committee of forensic doctors is formed to accurately determine the reason, which contributes to bringing criminals to justice.