Dubai: Two students have been jailed for one year each for trying to rape a man at knifepoint before the latter escaped and jumped from a first-floor window.

A 40-year-old Filipino clerk was at a Dubai Metro station when a 19-year-old Yemeni student convinced him that he could help him find a job in May. The Yemeni talked the Filipino into walking to his residence to change his sports outfit and then help him find a job.

Once the two entered the student’s residence in Al Ghusais, the 19-year-old asked to have sex with the Filipino, who refused.

Having waited in the hall for a few minutes, the 40-year-old was shocked when the 19-year-old accused came out from the room in his underwear and tried to undress him.

While the Filipino was trying to dodge the Yemeni, a 19-year-old Sudanese student came in and joined his flatmate in trying undress the Filipino and have sex with him.

When two defendants tried to have sex with the Filipino at knifepoint, the victim ran and threw himself out of a window before he landed on the ground and fractured his arms, legs and back.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendants of attempting to have violent sex with the Filipino.

Citing grounds of leniency due to their young age, the presiding judge sentenced the culprits to one year in jail.

According to the primary ruling, the convicts were ordered to jointly pay Dh21,000 in temporary civil compensation to the victim.

The duo, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

The building’s Indian watchman called for an ambulance and reported the matter to the police once he saw the Filipino on the pavement.

The Filipino testified that he first met the Yemeni accused at the metro station when he offered to help him find a job.

“I agreed to go with him to his residence because he wanted to change his clothes. While I was waiting in the hall, he came out after sometime and he was only wearing his boxers. He asked to have sex with me but I refused. Then came out the other suspect from another room … I refused to have sex. I felt scared when they threatened me with a knife … I removed part of my clothes. The Sudanese did not ask to have sex with me but he demanded me to get undressed. I took them by surprise and jumped out of the window without looking at the landing spot. After I landed on the street, I did not ask pedestrians for help or assistance … I couldn’t call the police,” he said. .

The watchman testified that the Filipino asked him to call a taxi, meanwhile, the defendants asked him not to call the police once they came down.

The ruling remains subject to appeal.