3D face mask
A face mask for frontline workers manufactured using 3D technology in a Dubai lab. Image Credit: Twitter/Screengrab

Dubai: As part of comprehensive precautionary measures against COVID-19, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has started making face masks using 3D printing technology.

The 3D printing is being done at DHA's Al- Bada'a Health Center laboratories in the Primary Health Care Sector.

3D-printed parts of facemasks being made in a lab in Dubai.
3D-printed parts of face masks being made in a lab in Dubai. Image Credit: Twitter

3D-printed face shields for frontliners

Meanwhile, Dubai Police has also provided 3D-printed face shields to its frontline personnel.

Over 1,000 face shields have been provided to its officials at the forefront of fighting the pandemic.

The face shields, manufactured using 3D printing technology, are designed to provide the highest level of protection for teams working on the frontlines. Some of the key workers benefiting from the face shields are ambulance personnel.

The face shields, worn over face masks, provide an added layer of protection since they cover the eyes. The lightweight and easy to use shields can be attached behind the ears. The top head mount of the shield is reusable and can be sanitised, while its front transparent visor is replaceable.

Dubai Police said it places the highest priority on the safety of the teams working on the frontlines to provide vital security and emergency services.

“The 3D-printed face shields aim to ensure the safety of our police officers who are working on the frontlines. Unlike the regular face masks which provide limited protection by merely covering the nose and mouth, these face shields protect other exposed areas by covering the entire face,” a Dubai Police official said.

Dubai Police said the face shields meet the global standards required to ensure the maximum possible protection for staff and can be easily produced when needed. By utilising 3D printing technology, Dubai Police can accelerate the manufacturing process when required, the official added.

How helpful are these?

3D printed face shields are now being increasingly used by healthcare workers and COVID-19 frontline staff, especially police and ambulance personnel, to meet the greater need for protection.

The face shields can protect workers exposed to high risks of infection from respiratory droplets from COVID-19 patients. Reports have shown that the virus can be transmitted when contaminated droplets enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. When worn over the face mask, the face shields provide a double layer of protection for workers who regularly come in close contact with infected patients.