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The mobile testing unit will cater to the elderly Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) on Friday launched a mobile screening unit to serve senior citizens, residents and people of determination, as part of its efforts to combat the novel coronavirus.

The new mobile laboratory unit, an ambulance vehicle that was converted into a testing unit, is equipped with smart technologies and advanced devices such as a self-sterilising device to protect paramedics and people being tested with four well-trained paramedics.

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The new mobile testing ambulance Image Credit: Supplied

It is also equipped with a health statistics system with the Emirates ID card reader in addition to a thermal camera to monitor the temperature.

Khalifa Bin Dray, Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Major General Talal Balhoul, Commissioner-General for the Security and Justice Path at the Dubai Council, announced the launch of the mobile laboratory unit.

The new service will also help reduce pressures on hospital and testing centres, and will support the country’s strenuous efforts being made to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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The fully equipped testing unit Image Credit: Supplied

“This achievement has been made possible thanks to the intensified efforts and close cooperation among all government departments concerned with managing the pandemic crisis,” Major General Talal Balhoul said, lauding DCAS’ exceptional efforts being made to protect the society.

For his part, Khalifa Bin Dray affirmed that the new service aims to reach out to senior citizens, residents and people of determination without having them to leave their homes in case they suspected being infected with the virus. Currently, we have developed a mobile laboratory unit and work is underway to covert two more vehicles into mobile units in the near future.

“Once the pandemic is over, these vehicles will be used as intensive care ambulances. We have got this idea after hospitals received so many calls for people wishing to conduct COVID-19 tests. It was our responsibility to find a solution to reach out to people in their residences to safeguard their health while at the same time reducing the burden on hospitals and testing centres” Bin Dray added.