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Sharjah Municipality officials with the counterfeit products Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality has seized a number of fake hand sanitisers, face masks and medicines from an Asian man who had stocked the products in his house.

The man was arrested in front of the house when he was transferring some of these items to a vehicle with the intention of distributing them for sale.

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The vehicle in which the products were being transported for distribution Image Credit: Supplied

Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, Assistant Director General of the Customer Service Sector, said the inspection teams found that the man had transformed one of the rooms of his house into a warehouse to store the counterfeit products.

The municipality immediately contacted the Department of Economic Development and the General Command of Sharjah Police.

Al Suwaidi said a total of 1,800 illegal hand sanitisers, 1,000 masks and 200 medication boxes were seized.

The public have been urged to call the municipality on 993 to report any such violations or illegal activities.